How Did You Get Your Job?

4460629019_6c760a18a5“How did you get your job?” was quite the interesting question posed by my daughter. It came out of the blue and I have been a stay at home mom for the last two years.

I began asking her what she meant and she wanted to know about the job that I had at the restaurant. I explained that I needed a job to pay for where I was living, to pay for food, clothes, and other things that I needed and wanted. Then I told her that I applied for jobs and that I was interviewed and they liked me, so they hired me. “Does that answer your question?” I was still wondering why she wanted to know.

She seemed satisfied with my answer and proceeded to tell me that when she gets older she’s going to “get a job in a place where they fix animals.” “Oh, you’re going to work as a veterinarian?” “Yes!”

It all made sense. We had just come from the store where she saw a toy vet set that came with an interactive dog you help to get better. She really wants that toy. Maybe I allow the perusal of the toy aisle too often, maybe she’s just five and wants everything she sees. Either way this will be a great learning opportunity in responsibility, earning and saving money to buy what she wants.

Two things that are now on my to do list: help Elle set money goals to earn what she wants and find books about being a veterinarian. This was not the first time I saw this veterinarian interest. I’m wondering what is to come.

How do you encourage your child’s curiosities?

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