The Bitty Book Club

wpid-20150216_101216.jpgLet me begin by saying that I love to read. My husband loves to read. Our kids love to pore over their books and all of our fabulous library finds. But, this habit has taken a backseat to well, other things.

I have always enjoyed reading: getting drawn into a great story, expanding my knowledge, and challenging my thinking. When my husband and I find something of interest we spend countless hours reading and researching online. For example, when I was first looking into homeschool as an option, you couldn’t find me reading or doing anything unless it was related to homeschool. My hubby has delved into the world of small motors (he wants to build a go kart type vehicle for the kids) and learned about batteries, gear boxes, drills, and most recently aquaponics. So, even though we do read, I would not by any means define us as avid readers.

In an attempt to change our casual reader status to well-read we have a few goals. 1. Read all of the books we have in our house. (Really, how could we have so many titles and have only read maybe half of them?) 2. Choose a book to read “together.” Not a read aloud type deal but a read as we make the time kind of a thing. It’ll be a great way to deepen our relationship as we share our ideas and thoughts on a book. 3. Keep a running list of books to read. I am more likely to pick up a new title if I know I already have an interest in the book. Oh the anticipation!

Our first choice is Magic Trees of the Mind How to Nurture Your Child’s Intelligence, Creativity, and Healthy Emotions from Birth Through Adolescence by Marian Diamond, Ph.D., and Janet Hopson. This copy was given to us by an aunt who read it for her early education courses. We began reading this a few years ago. Admittedly, I stopped because the beginning was full of information about the brain and neurological processes. It’s difficult for me to understand very technical language related to the medical field (and sometimes to be interested).  But, I have a wonderful hubby who always knows how to explain it in a different way for me. And I really do have the desire to get to the good stuff – “learning to develop and expand my child’s mind.”