How I Began My Homeschool Research

ID-100305236Dear Reader,

Congratulations! You have made the decision to homeschool (or maybe you are looking for that little push in the right direction). So now what?

It wasn’t too long ago that I made it my mission to figure out this whole homeschooling thing. Two years ago my attitude was a little bit apprehensive. I really wasn’t sure if I could stay home all day with my kids. Would they really be able to focus and learn from me? As I scoured the web I learned more and more about what other moms out there were doing. I learned that there were different methods and that some were not going to fit our family, while other methods made sense. I learned what our state required. I found out that there were families I knew who wanted to homeschool. My confidence was growing.

A little while later I was invited to join a couple of moms who got their kids together to do crafts and activities. Our little group still meets and we have evolved what we do to teaching small lessons, doing physical education, and going on field trips together. The kids are now great friends and we moms have become really close.

Then, it was about a year ago when my hubby and I went to a homeschool convention. I was so inspired, so encouraged, and now I know there is no other option but to homeschool my children. I have faith that this is what I am supposed to be doing. This is one area of my life in which I have complete confidence. Yes, I have questions about which curriculum will work best or if I am teaching the “right” stuff. I have tough days and I know there will be even tougher days ahead. But I know that if something isn’t working then we can try something different. I know that I can customize my children’s education to suit their learning style. I know that it’s more important to me that my children learn to love learning than it is to learn facts x, y, z. And I know that at home my kids can learn to seek, know, and love God.

My advice to any new homeschooler is to research everything you can, ask questions, and always remember your why. Why did you ultimately decide to homeschool? Knowing your why will keep you focused amidst all of the information and opinions you receive, which can be overwhelming. But when you focus on why you want to homeschool, all the information and opinions will go from being overwhelming to empowering.

Go forth and enjoy the adventure!


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