Two Bitty Elephants

Here at Two Bitty Elephants you’ll find homeschooling tidbits like our curriculum choices, field trip outings, and day to day musings related to homeschool. If you’re like me and need a place for inspiration or encouragement or just want to see what other homeschoolers are up to then come take a peek into what life is like for this homeschooling family. It’s not all perfect–dishes are piled in the sink, the laundry needs to get folded, the kids aren’t focused, I’m a mess, and the coffee is cold. But, there’s joy in seeing something “click” with my daughter and pride in seeing my son do something all by himself. And there’s always time for hot tea at the end of the day. Many adventures await.

So what’s this blog name really all about? Well, I have two little children, and they stomp around like elephants (thankfully we now live on the 1st floor). Elephants are very family oriented. And I like elephants. Admittedly, I spent quite some time thinking about the perfect blog title. I thought maybe it should be the name of our homeschool, but that isn’t set in stone and my kids are young, we have time for that. I thought about titles that focus on the kind of homeschool we’re striving for. I thought about a name with the word “Journey” or something along those lines. But one day I was just saying words and eventually I found myself saying Two Bitty Elephants. I stopped there. I went with it. And here we are.


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