Meet Kim

Hi There,

Homeschool fanatic here. Show me a new curriculum and I want it for my homeschool. Teach me a new method and I’ll say “that would be cool to try out.” Tell me what you do and I’ll eat it up. But then I remember that not everything will work for my family and that all I really want to accomplish is simply to raise children who are compassionate and giving, children who think for themselves, and children who love their Lord and serve Him with all their heart.

I’m Kim and this blog is about the adventures my family encounter in homeschool and everything that goes with it. There will be moments on being a wife, being a mother, my faith, and everything in between. I want to offer inspiration, curiosity, and encouragement (because we all have “days like that”).

There I was crying for no reason feeling mad, sad, and nothing all at the same time. It was about two days of this roller coaster and this wasn’t the first time I had a spell like this. When I finally found myself praying for comfort and to be lifted out of the sunken emptiness I prayed hard. Really hard. Just had a very long – hot water turning cold – kind of a shower. I was sitting wrapped in my towel unable to move. Then my daughter knocked at the door wanting to show me the picture she drew. She’s 5 and I love her masterpieces. That’s when I began to feel an inch of calm. A couple of days later I got back to me.

I had been toying with the idea of authoring a blog for quite a while. I had brainstormed titles and what exactly I’d be writing. It was following that episode that I decided it was time to write. Not only is this an outlet but a way for others to know you are not alone. Not alone in the joy, delight, struggle, or pain that life brings.

Tidbits to know: I find hot beverages to be comforting. My favorite dessert is something hot with something cold. I can’t get enough M&Ms. I’m a dreamer. Those plastic shoe boxes are a lifesaving organizing tool. Time management is not my strong suit – yet. I’ve lived in 6 different states – my fave is this little New England one. I hate folding laundry. I love planning – sometimes too much. And I my hair is naturally red.


2 thoughts on “Meet Kim

  1. Hi Kim – I wish you the best with your homeschooling journey. I homeschooled all of my children until the oldest was in 7th grade. Those were precious years. I miss it sometimes. If I had it to do over, I would worry less about all my options and spend more time just reading to them and letting them read to me and gently learning math facts. That’s is mostly what we did anyway, but at the time, it stressed me that we weren’t doing more. Now I know that’s all that really matters at this age. And my kids have done great in public school. Thanks for sharing your journey. I look forward to reading more.


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