Top 5 Reasons to attend a Homeschool Convention

It’s that time of year… Homeschool Convention time! Yay! I have been looking forward to attending our nearby convention for the last few months.

homeschool convention

Here are my top five reasons why I attend:

1. Workshops/Lectures – Listening to the speakers, whether it’s the general session or a lecture I choose from the list, is always a great way to learn something new. I love that there are so many choices. Last year my husband and I even split up and attended a few of the classes on our own. Later, when we rejoined we shared our notes and had plenty to discuss.

2. Vendor Hall – Oh the joy of perusing curriculum! As a new homeschooling mom, I find it helpful to see all the different available choices. I like to touch and flip through all the books. It really helps to see if it is something that I may want to consider. Another great perk is that often the vendors will offer a “convention discount,” which is fabulous for the newer sets of curriculum you may not find at a used curriculum sale (like the Logic of English I have my eye on). Also for those materials that are one time use (like the notebooks that go along with Apologia’s young explorer series). Looking around last year allowed us to be introduced to Singapore Math. We had never heard of this approach so after returning home and doing some research we decided that we want to go this route for teaching math.

3. Restoration and Rejuvenation – We all get to that time of year where we want to give up; we loose our oomph. We begin to forget why we are homeschooling. I feel that the convention helps to restore my faith in my decision to homeschool. I feel so rejuvenated afterwards and I get into homeschool hyper mode. I begin researching everything I can. I start deciding on curriculum for the following year, not the upcoming year, but the next (told you – hyper mode). I read all I can get my hands on regarding methods and ideas. Then I’m looking for the perfect planner. I stay revitalized for a good couple of months. I’m sure as I become more seasoned as a homeschooling mom my excitement will wane much quicker. But for now, I am really looking forward to feeling that burst of homeschool excitement energy!

4. Meeting new friends – This is one place where you know that there are people who think the same as you – at least in the fact that they are choosing homeschool for their family too. It’s always fun to strike up a conversation: learning what other parents are doing and listening to their ideas. Maybe you’ll make a connection with someone and now you have a great resource or someone with whom to share your struggles and triumphs or even someone who lives nearby and you can plan field trips together.

5. Time away with my husband – The convention is a great excuse to get away. We use this time together as a mini vacation. We get to spend the whole day together! It’s also a great opportunity to discuss what’s next for our family in the way of home education.

So there you have it, my top 5 reasons to attend a homeschool convention. Can you tell I am super thrilled to go!?

Why do you go to the homeschool convention or what most excites you about going?