First Day of Spring Playground Hop

A playground hop is just how it sounds: you go from one playground to the next and then another until you are all playground-ed out. I originally thought of doing this adventure for my daughter a couple of years back. We have so many great playgrounds around that are all so different, it would be a shame to not try them all out. But the thought of bringing her baby brother, a nursing baby, all over town was not the adventure I had envisioned. So, present day, here we are with two little runners who love to play outside and a mommy who enjoys a change of scenery – it’s time to go on this little expedition.


The first day of Spring will be a fabulous day to do this playground hop thing: playing at one playground, then another, then another. We’ll bring a bag lunch and celebrate the arrival of Spring by being outside all day. This fresh air and sunshine is much needed after all that snow and frigid cold.

My daughter knows about the seasons and last year I made a point to make it to the beach on the first day of Summer. She has already put in a request to do that again. I don’t think it would be all that bad of a tradition to be outside celebrating the first day of a new season, at least while the kiddos are young when they appreciate that sort of thing.

The first day of fall is always a great day to go apple picking. This is my personal favorite. I love fall. We make caramel apples, apple pie, and starting this year I will be making homemade applesauce – and canning it! I have been a little reluctant to learn because I didn’t grow up in a home where canning was done. In fact, I don’t believe I really knew what canning was until I saw jars of homemade sauce being used at my in-laws. They have a garden every year and then they can their bounty; I have always seen it as scary and overwhelming. Not this year, I am making it my mission to learn this wonderful art form of preserving food.

This year the first day of Winter didn’t get any notoriety. It sneaked up on us during the holiday season. But, when it comes around again we’ll have to do something to treasure the last bit of outside time. It typically doesn’t start snowing yet for us, so I can’t count on making a snowman or going sledding every year.

Come to think of it… my plans for a Spring celebration may have to be a celebration of the last day of Winter with sledding or snowman making in the forecast. We are expecting snow on Friday and Saturday! This has definitely been quite the wintery Winter! Well, maybe next week we’ll see some 40 degree weather and make a day of playground hopping happen. I have really been looking forward to taking the kids and tiring them out with some good old fashioned climbing, sliding, and running.

What are you doing to celebrate the first day of Spring?


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