Friday’s Top Five Finds from the Library unto ottersStranger in the WoodsA Quiet Place

In no particular order these are the Top 5 Finds from the Library that we discovered this week.

Is Your Mama a Llama? – Great rhyming. The Llama goes to each of his animal friends asking if it’s mama is a llama. This is fun to ask the kiddos if they know what kind of animal is shown.

Do Unto Otters – I honestly wasn’t sure I would like this one just by looking at the pictures. It was a funny way to show how to have good manners. The rabbit noticed new neighbors, the Otters, were moving in next door. He wondered if they would get along. He thought about how he would want to be treated. I have seen some manners books just say to do this or that to have good manners but this approach where he had to think about how he wanted to be treated was refreshing.

Stranger in the Woods – Very cute. I enjoyed that Elle was trying to guess who this stranger was. The kids also liked seeing the pictures of real animals.

A Quiet Place – Different imagined places could be your quiet place. Great jumping start to talk about different places. And to talk about how reading books can take you to those different places.

LMNO Peas – An alphabet book showing the different jobs that the peas do. A cool way to introduce jobs and what people do for a living. Super cute and fun.